The importance of dressing professionally in the workplace

The importance of dressing professionally in the workplace

by Nathaniel Johnson

A properly dressed person is the best cover letter you can have. The first impression you have is your imagination. In the case of the company and the workplace, it is even more important because it represents the image of the company.

You are certainly familiar with the saying “clothes make the man” and you are probably also aware that clothing plays an important role in the workplace. But did you also know that clothing can make a difference in your career not only during a job interview or trial work but also at every meeting, business trip, or simply in everyday work? Many workers still underestimate the importance of clothing for their professional success. We want to change that now: Today we reveal to you how you can attract success from now on in the truest sense of the word ...


Take a look around the management floors: Do you see holes in jeans or sneakers? Probably not (of course, always depending on the industry). It does seem that every employee who has achieved a certain position with responsibility is dressed “seriously”. 

According to a study by Columbia University, dressing well causes mood effects, empowers the person, gives them security, increases their self-esteem, and thanks to this their productivity increases, as well as their profitability, and this are transmitted to their collaborators.


Yes, at least that's what you should think about if you're planning a career in the middle to senior management in a company. After all, you can still wear your beloved casual clothing in your free time. Clothing and career are directly related to the industrialized world. How so?

The right clothing exudes seriousness, reliability, professionalism, and adaptability (by the way, this is seen as a good quality in management).

The clothes influence the first impression and this is known to last. By the way, our brain doesn't need a second to make a first impression. Changing it, however, can take years or be impossible.

Young employees in particular appear more experienced and mature through suits and the like.

Sympathy is created through a coherent overall impression, so this includes your clothes in addition to your voice, facial expressions, and gestures.

It's not difficult to understand: if you put yourself in the shoes of a manager, who would you want on your team? After all, like and like to join. Those who dress as if they want to belong increase their chances. So if you want to be successful you have to dress like this...


But what does “dress successfully” actually mean? We have compiled the most important tips for you:

Women's clothing at work:

The female wardrobe in the work environment must be above all comfortable. The jacket suit, with a skirt or pants, is the garment most chosen by women. With the suit jacket, shirts or blouses are worn. It is also convenient to use stockings that stylize and give more elegance to the legs. Mid-heeled shoes and some other accessories. Remember that you are going to an office, not to a modeling show. An excess is as bad as a defect. You have to be prudent.

Men's clothing at work:

For men, the basic and classic wardrobe of all life is the jacket and tie. Although at present the sports wardrobe is beginning to be imposed. Even in suits, you can see a slight shift towards bolder colors, squares, and other bolder fabrics. The most suitable shoes are black laces, although there is also a great variety to choose from (loafers, buckles, etc.). Socks, combined with shoes. Accessories such as cufflinks, watch, and tie clip.

The wardrobe must always look very clean, ironed, and in perfect condition. It is useless to use quality and / or brand clothing, if it has stains, is wrinkled, has torn or unstitched. In the same way, the wardrobe must be adapted to the age, environment, and occasion in which we are going to use it.

In addition to the wardrobe, it is important to take care of personal hygiene. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • HAIRSTYLES: It is essential for both men and women to always have clean hair and a good cut; this will allow a nice and correct appearance. In the case of staining, the roots should not be allowed to grow. Also, products that make hair look greasy, such as gel or hair gel, should be avoided.

  • HANDS: A manicure service is not necessary to achieve neat hands. Men should keep their nails short and clean. Women can wear them short or long, provided they are clean and well-groomed. If they are painted, the enamel must be kept in impeccable condition, otherwise, it is better not to paint them.

  • THE TEETH: They should be cleaned daily, and also, make periodic controls to the doctor.

All these details stand out when they are not taken into account, so you have to dedicate the necessary time.


Dressing well is not wearing a suit, shirts, or formal shoes, but choosing the right clothes for the environment where you work. Sometimes dressing too formal can be wrong.

For example, a creative or someone who works in advertising agencies would not look good or feel comfortable wearing a tailored suit and dark tones, because instead of helping them it would reduce their productivity.

On the other hand, dressing in a more relaxed way and with more vivid colors, such as yellow or orange, would be in a more comfortable environment with a greater flow of ideas.

When a person is from the financial area or is surrounded by senior executives, it is prudent to use more produced garments such as shirts, blouses, ties, jackets, and blazers.


To choose the ideal outfit, three factors must be taken into account: the company you work for, how are the people with whom you interact daily, and the circumstances of the moment (if you have more formal meetings or on Fridays at work are more informal).

It is also necessary to analyze if there is a dress code in the company, since “a collaborator is not only the image of himself but of the company for which he works, for which the clothing must be following the image of the company.

“We speak of the correctness of dress more than of good dress. Beyond clothing, other elements make up the good public image of the person. It is useless to be well dressed if you do not have good hygiene or inadequate bearing, as well as poor verbal and physical communication”.


The goal of having a proper personal image is not to look more handsome or prettier, as is often thought. In reality, it is about the ability to convey who we are without words.

Given this, it is also important to know how to choose the colors according to the situation that will be experienced at work. If you are going to have an important negotiation, the ideal is to dress in blue and white tones because they provide confidence and transparency. You should avoid very bright tones like reds because they denote aggressiveness and a dominant attitude.

Get dressed for the position you want to access and to do this, investigate how the people in those positions dress.

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