1. Keys to promoting the culture and values of your company in remote work teams
    You have probably read about organizational culture in companies. Likewise, thanks to technology, work procedures, and routines have changed, leaving cubicles and centralized organizations in the past. So remote work has become a trend in recent years.
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  2. Cultural differences: doing your homework in multicultural teams
    Many large scale-ups are currently growing extremely quickly and the influx of new colleagues can no longer be stopped. As a result, teams quickly become larger and often more international. Actually great, but as a team leader and manager, how do you best deal with cultural differences in your team?
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  3. The advantages of mindfulness in everyday working life

    Mindfulness increases stress resistance in the job. Also, studies show positive effects on the commitment, concentration and productivity of employees.

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  4. The Personality traits that help to define your professional success
    In addition to intelligence, certain personality characteristics such as curiosity, adaptability, and tolerance for ambiguities influence the professional progress of a worker. But to what extent do they define it? Which of them are most important for each type of job?
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  5. Businesswomen Who Made it Big in 2020
    10 Most Powerful Businesswomen of 2020 Women, since historical times, have been downplayed by men. They were completely dependent on men for subsi...
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  6. The importance of dressing professionally in the workplace
    A properly dressed person is the best cover letter you can have. The first impression you have is your imagination. In the case of the company and ...
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    I’ve been reminded of resiliency continually over the past two weeks as I’ve spent all of my waking hours on the phone with founders as bu...
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  8. Inspiring Leadership Lessons From 13 Female Founders
    We are always looking for great motivation for female bosses and this one from Entrepreneur is a great start for 2020. Whatever your venture or goal is, never give up!
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